Providing the Freedom to Pursue your Vision



Welcome to Our Virtual Home

Crofoot Business Services, LLC  is dedicated to helping Small Business owners maximize the growth of their business by allowing them to spend more time on activities that directly contribute to their Vision.

How much of your day is spent performing day to day tasks that keep your business running?  When you first started your business, did your vision include stacks of paper everywhere, an overflowing inbox, and everyone wanting a “just a minute” of your time? Did your vision include balancing a checkbook, recording entries and taxes?

One more question: If you’re spending hours every day running your business, when do you pursue your Vision?

Crofoot Business Services, LLC Provides you the Freedom

You need help if:

  • You find yourself spending more time running your business than growing your business.
  • You have too much work left over at the end of the day.
  • You are overwhelmed by tasks that you keep putting aside.
  • You lack the technical expertise for certain tasks.
  • Adding an employee was not in your business plan.
  • You find you only need help a few hours a week or month.

. . . To Pursue your Vision

How WE can help:

  • You can spend more time growing your business
  • You can take the 800 pound gorilla (all those tasks you keep putting off) off your desk and put it on mine!
  • Leverage your time by delegating tasks that do not directly contribute to your bottom line.
  • Draw on the expertise of a professional to complete tasks outside your area of expertise.
  • Work smarter, not harder or longer, to achieve your goals.
  • Help you stay on task, on time, and growing your business.
  • Why choose Crofoot Business Services, LLC?

    Our business is helping your business.  Our goal is to Provide you the Freedom to Pursue your Vision; to allow you to spend more time growing your business.  We are responsive to your needs, and are flexible to work around your schedule.  We can help you create and implement systems and processes that make sense and work for you.