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Its About Time…


What is  Yours Worth?

Did you know there were only 168 hours in a week? Of course you did, everyone knows that right? When those hours, minutes or seconds are gone, you can’t get them back.

“Let’s stop and think on that for a minute, shall we?”

I had this conversation with a client recently. He was trying to plow through a pile of paperwork, sort and mark them to make my job easier before he sent it to me for a project. It was causing him some angst because his heart wasn’t in it. He wanted to spend time with his boys. When he was spending time with the boys, he felt bad because I was waiting on the information to do a project for him.

Here’s what I told him. “Your boys will only be little this one time. Get a BIG Priority Mail Box, one of the flat rate boxes they give away at the Post Office. Stack everything in and I’ll sort it all out. I like to think I’m intelligent, and can figure out what is what without notes on it. If I have trouble with something, I’ll ask questions.” And he did just that. A few days later, I received a box with all the requested information. What was the clincher? I asked just one question: “How much is it worth to spend time with your boys?”

The note on the top of the pile in the box? “Thanks for taking this monkey off my back.”

Are you in the same mind-set? Do you think you have to do it all, but there are never enough hours in the day? Do the tasks and piles keep getting bigger and bigger, until you have nightmares of being buried under a pile of paper and won’t be found until next month? There is hope.

2008 is gone. We can’t ever get that time back. But the good news is 2009 is just beginning. Is there some part of running your business that, if you were to delegate it, would free your time to pursue other activities?  What is keeping you from spending time with your family ,or following a hobby or other enjoyable pursuit? What is the monkey on your back?


© Kathy Crofoot