Providing the Freedom to Pursue your Vision

Seeking Business Owners with Vision

Do you remember when you first started your business? Did you have an idea one day and just jump in with both feet? Most people start with an idea and work it into a plan. Some jump in with both feet, with no plan or vision.

What is Vision?

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Vision this way: a: the act or power of imagination b: mode of seeing or conceiving. Maybe you don’t realize it, but you do have a vision for your business. It may not be formal, or written down, but its there, somewhere in your subconscious.

Creating your Vision Statement

Let’s start with a few questions for you to chew on.

• When you think about your business, where do you see it taking you?

• What does that mean to you?

• What are you willing to do to get there?

• Can you see yourself there?

Your vision for your company should come alive. It should be specific, concrete, tangible.

An Architect may have a vision of designing beautiful homes. That’s great; now take it one step further. If you design beautiful homes, who is going to live there - what kind of clientele do you want? Who are they, what do they do? Who is going to build the home? Where does the creativity come from, the inspiration? So in fact, is the Architect’s vision about designing the home or about all the people that home design helps as well?

But there’s more. What’s in it for you, the Business Owner? What do you receive from running a business; where does that take you? Most Business Owners are ‘in it for the money’. They have a lifestyle to which they wish to become accustomed, maybe it is travel, kids in college, family, cars or retirement. Make that part of your vision. If you want to sit on the beach surrounded by friends and family; or you want your son or daughter (or both or all of them) to have an Ivy League education, by all means, write that down. Write down everything that is part of what you want. Make it real, tangible, specific. Is there a certain amount of income? A home you want to buy or build? Can you imagine living there? What is that like?

Bringing your Vision to Life

Now that you have a vision, what’s next? Is it enough to simply have a vision? The short answer is NO. You need to take action in order for the vision to become a reality.

In order to bring your vision to life, you need to take concrete steps. You breathe life into your vision when you follow your business plan: creating the beautiful designs, writing code, speaking to people, or building homes, whatever your business may be. These actions drive your business. They are the profit-producing activities that bring in your revenue.

Can you be successful without a vision? In the short term, maybe, but over time, without the vision to drive you and your business, you’re just going through the motions. Like a sailboat with no wind, there’s nothing to carry you through the slow times, and the business will ultimately fail.

If you don’t have a vision - go ahead and create one. Think about the things you want your business to do, for others and yourself. Think about where it will take you, how it can enrich other’s lives and your own.

If you have a vision, do you live it every day, as if it were already so? Do you embrace your vision, making it part of ever fiber of your being? Bring it close to you, read it or remind yourself of it every day, make it a part of the air you breathe.

Embrace your vision and see where it takes you.  I would love to hear about your vision and what you do now to bring it to life.

©2008 Kathy Crofoot