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About Kathy Crofoot

kathy crofoot
Kathy Crofoot brings 20+ years of Bookkeeping, Administrative, and Customer Service experience to your business, serving clients from New York to Honolulu.  Crofoot Business Services, LLC is a Dynamic Office Services Company serving multiple clients - with a focus on Bookkeeping, Administrative and Customer Service, Reception and teamwork.

Our business was born in 2005 out of necessity.  Faced with rising gas prices and a lengthy daily commute, going to work every day was becoming a chore. A creative solution presented itself when an email arrived from a friend telling us about an opportunity to assist small business owners with administrative tasks. We reorganized in 2009, creating Crofoot Business Services, LLC.

Located in Platteville, Wisconsin, Crofoot Business Services, LLC operates from a fully equipped home office, with high speed internet, the latest computer hardware, dedicated phone and fax lines and a can do attitude where no job is too large or too small.

Our family has a proud heritage of Military Service to our country, from my Grandfather who served in World War II, my Dad who served in Vietnam, my Husband, a West Point graduate Class of 1980 who served during  the end of the Cold War, and our Son who graduated from West Point in 2009 and is currently deployed overseas; and a cousin and nephew who also proudly serve our country today on Active Duty, all who would have made or would make the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy.

A note about our Logo: Throughout my life, Butterflies have been a favorite symbol.  As a small child, my cherished Nana loved all things Butterflies, which she shared with me.  In 2003 I was laid off from a long term job. While contemplating my options on my backyard deck, a beautiful Butterfly landed on my arm. In that moment I felt the presence of my Nana and a peace came over me, and a tiny caterpillar of an idea was born, that I would one day own my own business, no longer relying on the whims of  an employer for my livelihood.  Today, my logo represents the transformation of that tiny idea to a successful full-time Virtual Assistant practice;, and now Crofoot Business Services, LLC.

Thank  you to Brianna Young of Mad Hatter Design Company for her patience and skill to bring this logo to life.